2011-10-11 上傳

From the creator of Jurassic Park comes a terrifying thriller that pits untamed nature against cutting-edge science. Buy it here:

Three men are found dead in a locked Honolulu office. There is no sign of a struggle, but their bodies are covered in ultra-fine razor-sharp cuts.

Seven graduate students from Cambridge, Massachusetts, are invited to Hawaii by pioneering microbiology company Nanigen. There they will be given access to a new world of radical scientific developments.

But they are walking into a death trap.

The group is exposed to technology of unimaginable power and thrown into Hawaii's teeming rainforest, a hostile environment which promises almost certain death. To survive, they must harness the destructive force of nature itself ... and turn the tables on the aggressive human interests out to destroy them. 

'One of the most ingenious, inventive writers around... Crichton takes the very latest scientific advances and shows us their potentially terrifying underbelly' Observer

'The most reliable purveyor of brain-engaged fiction' Daily Express



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